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Wondershare Video Converter Software Review: convert to all formats

How to convert video? Or Which Best Video Converter Software? These things are now outdated. Now all of us have smartphones that support almost all of the Format Videos. But there are still many video formats which are not supported by Smartphones or Computer. Or sometimes you want to edit a video and the video file is not supported by your editing software so don’t worry here is a solution Wondershare Video Converter software is such a tool, Which can convert 1000 Video Formats according to each Device Compatibility.

On Internet, 480p, 720p to 4k resolution videos are in MKV, HEVC, AVI, DV, VOB, MPEG etc formats. Which are not compatible with all Devices. In this case, non-supported video formats can be converted to Device Supported Video Formats with the help of the Wodershare Video Converter software.

Wondershare Video Converter Software

After the Adobe Software Company, Wondershare is the only company that is becoming very popular in the Application Software, like Adobe’s Pdf Reader to Video Editing, all software comes in, all of the kind of software similar to Wondershare comes in the same way.

You must have heard about the Wondershare Filmora software, which is the most popular software of this company. Wondershare Video Converter Software is also one of the popular tools. With the help of the Wondershare Video Converter software, any video can be converted from one format to another and also the resolution of videos can be changed, as if a video is 4K, then one can convert it to a resolution of 1080p or 720p. And this allows you to burn your video file to a CD or DVD. By the way, the timing of the CD and DVD has gone from the market.

This PC Software is available on both MAC & Windows platforms. However, none of the Wondershare products are free, but Wondershare gives Free Trial version of each of their products so that users can buy it only if they like it.

Where to download this software

The free trial of this Video Converter software is available, you can experience its features by downloading its trial version if you found it worthy of you, you can buy it.

How Does Wondershare Video Converter Software Work?

Normally all Disc Burner Software and Video Converter software are very complicated, which everyone cannot use, but the interface of Wondershare’s software is the easiest and if someone is a Beginner Computer user then they can also convert video comfortably.

Step:1. After downloading and installing software, click Start Now to enter the dashboard.

Step:2. At the top of the software dashboard, you will get 5 options.

Convert: If you have a video downloaded in your computer that you want to convert then you can convert that file from the convert option.

Download: If you have to download a video or record a video and then want to convert, then you can convert from the download option.

Burn: If you have a video saved in DVD or ISO file then you can convert it from here and burn it back to the DVD.

Transfer: You can use the transfer tool if you want to transfer your video from a computer to a Smartphone or any other computer.

Toolbox: If a video is corrupt then you can correct it, you can record the computer screen. With this software you can create GIf Image, can convert video to VR Device.

Step:3. To convert the video, click on the Convert option and click Add Files and select Video.

Step:4. Then select Video Format (mp4, avi, MWV, MKV, MOV etc) from the Target option and Resolution (480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k).

Step:5. Now click on convert, as soon as you click on the convert option, there will be an option to buy, you can convert video to click on Free Trial.

 If you liked this Video Converter, Video Recorder, Screen Recorder, Video Transfer, VR Converter, GIF Maker All in One Wondershare Video Converter software, you can buy it.

Wondershare develops very useful and Premium Software Tools and gives them in low price other than many Software Development Companies.

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