Top 6 Money Making Games Earn Money By Playing Games

Hey Folks, today in this post I will talk about top 6 money making games, if you want to earn money by playing games. So this post is going to be helpful for you because here 6 such online gaming platforms and games have been told. Where cash rewards of crores of rupees are given every day and all these have been included in the list of Best Money Earning Games in India. So how to earn money by playing games? You will find the answer to this question here.

There are many games online, some are for fun and some are where you can earn money by playing those games. This time we have brought a list of similar games Which is being used by crores of people in the country. Till now these games are used by more than 10 crore people. So from this you can get an idea, how big is the number of people earning income by playing mobile games.

In these best 6 Real Money Earning Games list, you will find almost every type of mobile game, which people earn money by playing. But one important advice, these games are addictive make sure to play these games in moderate. There are many people who feel that online gaming platforms do not give money. This is because it seems that there are many fraudulent people who run away with their money by luring the user to earn more money. That’s why we have put such games here in the list which is top listed games and also crores of people using them.

Top 6 Money Making Games

1. Dream11


Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform. Where all types of live games are available to play. In which all the popular Indian games like Cricket, Hockey, Tanis, Football, Kabaddi are included. Dream11 as we mentioned is a platform where there is a chance to earn money by playing games. By visiting Dream11, any user who is above 18 years of age can create an account and participate in live running games.

Games are played on Dream11 not for entertainment but to earn money and it is the topmost mobile app in the list of money earning games. Here every day a reward of crores of rupees is given and money can be invested on the live match going on in any sport in India. For the player on which you put money, you will earn double or many times more.

To earn money by playing games from Dream11, the user just has to go to its website and download the app and then after creating an account, you can start playing as a team. To make a team, information is given about the name of the real player and their playing style. Like Virat Kohli batting, similarly other players also have their names. Out of which you have to form a team and if the team performs well then your money increases and you can transfer it to the bank immediately.

2. Mobile Premier League (MPL)


Mobile Premier League which is commonly known by the name of MPL. This is India’s largest eSports mobile gaming platform, where you get a chance to play all kinds of games and earn money. The top 6 money making game is at number two on MPL in the list. Here all the games like Cricket, Fruit Crop, Sudoku are available.

Using MPL mobile gaming, matches are going on live like cricket, football, you can set up your own team and earn money from it. But along with this, many other games are also available in it such as Runner, Sudoku, Speed Chess and Pool from where you can earn money by playing alone. Say this here is a complete package of money making games.

Till now more than 6 crore people have joined with MPL gaming and there are 60 games earning money here. There are always a lot of gaming tournaments on MPL App and you can invest money by making a team in the match going on live. When you make a winner, more than double or thrice the money invested gets back.

3. Ace2Three


A23(Ace2Three) is India’s first rummy game and at present more than 22 million people have joined it. By downloading the mobile app of Ace2Three, users can play it both free and cash. But this game is used by people to earn the most money and Ace2Three is therefore included in the list of games that earn money. There is also a joining bonus available here, which is a bonus of up to Rs.1500.

Anyway, not everyone comes to play Rummy. Those who know how to play Rummy game, they know that this type of game is only for earning money and losing money. You will invest money by joining it and if you win in the game then you will earn money and if you do not win then you will lose money. Many people feel that these types of games are not safe. A23(Ace2Three) is also a safe game and their support team which keeps on helping the user.

More than a thousand tournaments are held daily on Ace2Three rummy game. By joining it, you get a joining bonus of Rs 50 and as soon as you add your first cash, you also get an additional bonus of Rs 200. By using only phone number you can join here and become a part of it.

4. Rummy Circle


Rummy Circle is the most famous India card game and people like most about it. Because people know its name the most. So far more than 10 million people have joined this game. Card cash games are played on Rummy Circle, the users who join add their bank account with the app so that if they win the game, they can transfer money to the account.

According to the information given on the Rummy Circle website, this is a 100% legal game. There are many different methods available here such as Point, Deals, Pool and Tournament Rummy. In all these games, you get cash rewards and you can transfer this reward directly to that bank account in no time. The company has also updated the testimonials of many users so that people can believe.

Rummy Circle is set to be placed in the list of online money earning games because it is used by more than 1 crore people. When you add money to play the first tournament here, then you get a bonus of up to Rs 2000 from the app. It can also be joined by direct phone number.

5. 8 Ball Pool


The name of 8 Ball pool also comes in Top 6 money earning games in India. Although pool games are usually not played by anyone, but many people play it online on mobile. 8 Pool game has been installed by 500,000,000+ people so far and you have to keep one thing in mind. 8 Pool is a game type developed by

8 Pool game can be played for free and to earn money. But till now people know it as money earning game because after rummy it is used the most, it is tournament. People learn to play 8 pools easily and people like to play online by investing money through it. In such a situation, if you want to earn money from this type of game, then this is a better chance for you and can start with 8 Pool Game. There are many platforms that give the user a chance to earn money by using it.

6. My11Circle


My11Circle is an eSports fantasy cricket game. Which has been specially made for such people who are interested in cricket and so far more than 1.7 crore people have joined it. So far, a reward price of more than Rs 500 crore has been given to the people on My11Circle. Live cricket is going on, you can join it by making a team for every match.

Here there is a chance to play by making a team on both local and international cricket matches. In such a situation, if you have good knowledge of cricket and know which player of which country plays well. So you can create a team by visiting My11Circle. Whichever team is selected in this game, if they perform then you will get a chance to win.


So folks, here we told about the top 6 money making games. In such a situation, if you want to earn money by playing mobile games such as cricket, pool, ludo, rummy, then in the list given here you will find all kinds of games that you can earn. We hope that you have liked this information, if you have any question or suggestion, do let us know in the comment section.

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