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How To Send/Receive Money Using WhatsApp – WhatsApp UPI

As we are engaging with Digital World, we are increasingly becoming involved with the new technology. Recently WhatsApp Launched its UPI service named WhatsApp UPI. Now we can send money via the WhatsApp Messenger App. If you do not know how to send money using WhatsApp, then you are in the perfect place.

WhatsApp, the world’s most famous Messenger app, it has also launched its own payment system. Which can compete with PhonePe and Google Tez. At the time of the WhatsApp Business Launching, there was a news that “WhatsApp UPI” Payment System Service will be launched this year and now it has been updated in WhatsApp Messager App. This is a Unified Payment Interface Service that is used to send or receive payment from person-to-person.

WhatsApp has launched the WhatsApp UPI App in the Indian market under #DigitalIndia. Anyone can send or receive money to/from any other WhatsApp user using this service.

WhatsApp UPI Features

Like all other UPI applications, money can be sent or received by connecting it with a bank account. But with this, there are some features that hardly become possible in any other service. for example:-

  • There is no separate app for WhatsApp UPI, here you get Features like Paytm Payment Bank. Simply we can use this feature by updating our WhatsApp App.
  • Whatsapp is used by almost every people, so using WhatsApp UPI will be very easy for all users.
  • So far, we had to download a UPI App to use the UPI Service. But now we do not need to download any Extra App.

How To Send/Receive Money Using WhatsApp

Nowadays People uses UPI Services to send or receive money instead of going to Bank for this work. “WhatsApp Payment” has not yet been added to all the WhatsApp users. So first of all, we have to check on WhatsApp Update by visiting the Google Play Store.

After updating the WhatsApp to its Latest Version, you need to create a WhatsApp UPI App. For this, we have to go to our Whatsapp App and open one of the Chat and click on the Files icon. Here we get the icon of the WhatsApp payment. We have to click on this.

After clicking Payment, we have to verify our Mobile Number. For this, we have to click on verify via SMS option and then we have to choose Bank.

Now After adding the Bank details our Whatsapp UPI is ready for use, Now you can send or receive money to the user that already activated this Whatapp UPI service.

Final Words

I am using Google Tez and PhonePe currently because both of these UPI apps have their individual advantages now after the use of new WhatsApp UPI service, might be I will be able to regrate to use so many UPI apps. Yet “WhatsApp UPI payment” has not available for everyone. This feature will soon be available for all Android phones.

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