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How To Remove Duplicate Files in Android Phone

Due to the presence of duplicate files on the phone, we often have to face the problem. Recently I had to face a problem. So today I will tell you how to remove Duplicate Files in Phone And how to delete extra files from your phone.

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I’ve never cared about Junk files being created in Duplicate Files and App Installation & Uninstallation, being stored on Phone Via WhatsApp. Because of which Phone Memory was fulled, and the phone started hanging repeatedly. I thought my phone is hanging due to some extra apps that’s why I reset the phone but the phone memory was not free even after resetting. Then I came to know about an android app through which one can remove duplicate files from their phone whose name is Duplicate file Fixer.

Remove Duplicate Files From an Android Phone: Duplicate Files Fixer

To scan or delete duplicate files, there are many best apps present in the Play store, one of the best of them is Duplicate File Fixer app. This app has received 4.6 Star Rating and so far it has been downloaded by more than 5,00,000 people.

Duplicate Files Fixer automatically selects all the duplicate files by scanning your phone and can be deleted by a single click.

If you have Duplicate Images, Video, Audio or Documents files on your phone too. After downloading the Duplicate Files Fixer App, you can follow this procedure:-

Step:1 This is an App with Simple Interface, after downloading it, open it and click on Let’s go option.

Step:2 Now a small popup box will be opened here, by clicking on the Continue option and entering the Activity area.

Step:3 There are 5 basic options in the activity area

  1. Scan audio
  2. Scan Videos
  3. Scan Pictures
  4. Scan Documents
  5. Full Duplicate Scan

If you want to scan and delete a duplicate file from any of the audio, video, pictures or documents. So one of the first 4 options can be selected and if you want to scan and delete duplicate files from the whole phone memory then select option 5 and click on Scan Now.

Step:4 After clicking on Scan Now, Scanning will start with all Duplicate Images, video, audio and document files.

Step:5 After the Scanning Process is completed, all duplicate files will start showing with Original files and all files except for Original files will have Auto ticked. Just click on delete now and you can delete all duplicate data.


So, This way you can easily locate duplicate files and delete them from the phone. This will also clear your phone’s storage and your phone will be a little too fast ..! So If this will work for you let me know in comments.

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