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How to Play Online JioTV and JioCinema On Your PC?

So far, you will be seeing JioTV and JioCinema on your Smartphone through Android or iOS apps but I will tell you how you play JioTV and JioCinema on your PC. This is not a tricks or technique. This is a new beginning with Jio Digital. I often thought that why Jio did not launch the website for both JioTV and JioCinema services Because both of these apps have so many movies and TV Channel lists that do not have Channel and Movies together in both Voot and Hotstar. But many people like me do not like to watch movies or cricket in mobile. Therefore, in the compulsion, they had to resort to the website of the limited channel & movies list like Hotstar and Voot. But now it is not as it can be seen now in JioTV and JioCinema PC Browser.

How to Play Online JioTV and JioCinema On Your PC?

The website of JioTV and JioCinema has been launched and now any Jio user can play JioTV and JioCinema in mobile apps as well as on PC Browser.If you are a Jio user and want to see JioTV or JioCinema on the Laptop. So you can access JioTV and JioCinema by these two ways and watch it on your Laptop.

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How to Play JioTV On PC Browser?

JioID and Password are required to use any of the Jio services, if it is not both, then any of its services can be used by Jio Number as well. When you browse the JioTV website on the PC and click on any channel. So it first asks for login and only those people can login who have Jio Numer or JioID password.

If you want to see on JioTV PC, after opening the website, clicking on login will have to log in with Jio phone number or Jio ID. After that, all the channels that come on DTH or Cable can be viewed all on JioTV websites.

How to Play JioCinema On PC Browser?

It also has to be logged in with Jio Phone Number. Only then movies from Hollywood, Bollywood or any other categories can be seen. Go to JioCinema Website.

How to log in to JioTV or JioCinema website?

The method of logging on both the websites is the same and both websites cannot be accessed without logging in. If I want to watch a movie from JioCinema, then for that I have to go to the JioCinema website and click on the Login icon.

After this there will be two options for logging into JioCinema, sign in using Jio number and sign in using Jio id, from which I found it easy to sign in with Jio number, so I click on Sign in using Jio number option.

Now I have to enter my Jio number here and click on the GET OTP option. After that, there will be a 6 digit OTP code on my Jio phone number and then it must be logged in by entering it.


Many channels or movies are not available in Hotstar or Voot or have to pay money for it. But in JioTV and JioCinema, all the channels that come on Cable TV and Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian Movies and all the other language Movies can be found on the Jio. What do you think about it? Let me know in comments.

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