How to do Ola Electric Scooter Booking? S1 & S1 Pro Pre Booking

Ola Electric Scooter Booking: Ola Cabs is a multinational cab sharing company and now it has entered into motorcycle manufacturing and the first Ola motorcycle is going to come and it will be Ola Electric Scooter whose booking has started and many lakh people have already made their booking. In such a situation, if you also have to book an electric scooter and do your reservation, then you will get information from here, how can you book an Ola scooter?

Now that is probably changing and in the next few years you will only see electric vehicles on the road and in this case all the big companies like Tata, Mahindra Electric are investing in this. In such a situation, how does the country’s largest ride sharing company lag behind and the company has made its largest manufacturing hub in the country where Ola Electric Scooter will be made.

There is a slight delay in the arrival of Ola Electric Scooter, so the company has started its pre-booking so that those who want the bike first can get it immediately and here we are going to give information about this how you can book Ola electric scooter. Together we will give detailed information about its features and pricing.

What is Ola Scooter ?

Many people do not know about it yet, so let us tell you that Ola scooter is a vehicle which will run through battery, it will not require petrol, most importantly it will be connected with an advanced battery system which Will give good mileage as well as better speed. If we talk about one highlight, then you will get a maximum speed of 115 km per hour in Ola electric scooter, which is more than any electric scooter currently available.

The second best thing about Ola Electric Scooter is that it can run up to 181KM on a single charge. Which is not currently available in any other scooter. All these great features make it like any other normal scooter that runs on petrol. In such a situation, the attention of the people has been drawn towards Ola.

Initially, Ola is going to offer two variants to its customers, Ola S1 and S1 Pro and both these models are going to be launched soon. In such a situation, the company has already started pre-booking to know the wishes of the customer so that when it is launched, before that the company knows how many people are there who want to buy it. In such a situation, the company can increase its manufacturing accordingly and it can reach the people as soon as possible.



If you go to buy any vehicle, first of all we look at its features and want to know which such feature is available in it. Because of which you buy that vehicle and it is absolutely right. One should not buy any item without knowing it, in such a situation, Ola has not kept its customers in the dark. Whatever features will be available and what will be its price, all this information has been shared with the public.

  • When it comes to Electric Scooter, first of all people want to know how much it will run on a single charge. The scooter can be driven from 121KM to 181KM on a single charge.
  • The second most important feature is that how fast it will run, what will be its speed because it has been seen mostly that the speed of the scooter so far is very low. In such a situation, Ola has taken note of this and has made the speed much better on its new electric scooter and you will get a maximum speed of up to 115 km per hour, which is often seen in petrol scooters.
  • The 8.5Kw motor will be seen in the scooter and it can catch you 40 kilometers in just 3 seconds. You can understand from this how good its pickup is. You can understand how soon you will get this speed and how fast you can move it forward.

Ola Electric Scooter Pricing

As we have told, two models will be launched and the price of both will be different, according to its feature, you will get to see the price. The price of Ola Scooter is public in front of the customer, anyone can go and check it. In such a situation, if you want to do pre-booking or not, then you can decide for yourself because you know the price in advance.

  • The price of Ola S1 will be Rs 99,999 and in Delhi Rs 85,099, and its cheapest price is Rs 79,999 in Gujarat. You can book it from anywhere at this price rate.
  • The price of Ola S1 Pro will be Rs 1,29,999 all over India but if you are from Gujarat then you will get it only for Rs 1,09,999 and this is its most pro model so far in which you will get to see all the pro features.

How to Book Ola Scooter?

Ola has started pre booking to know the interest of the people and to see the demand of its scooter in the market. Any person who wants to buy an electric scooter online can go and book from the website by paying only Rs 499 and when the final scooter comes in the market, then can buy the scooter by paying the rest of the money.

In such a situation, if you are interested and you want to buy, then you can book an electric scooter for yourself by using the method mentioned here. In such a situation, you can pre-book it just like you do normal shopping and when it is launched, after that you can buy it and then bring it home.

Step 1. First of all you go to Ola official website, here you will get a Reserve button, click here and on this website you can also see all the information and videos related to it.


Step 2. On clicking the button, you will come to a new page and here you have to choose your color and model which color you like. Here, select the model you like from S1 and S1 Pro and then you can select the color of the scooter according to your choice, then click on the Reserve now for ₹ 499 button given below.


Step 3. Now enter your Ola Register number because you will need an account to track the status of the order and for that you have to register the number and then click on the Next button.


Step 4. Now you can use UPI, Net banking or Credit / Debit card for any payment for that. With this your payment will be done very easily and then your pre booking process will be completed and whenever you want you can track how long you will get it and if you want you can also take customer care support.


Friends, here we have told how you can do Ola Electric Scooter Booking. For this, we have explained its pre booking process and feature in detail here and we hope you liked this information if you have any question or suggestion comment down below also you can contact to Ola Customer Support for more information.

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