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Top 5 Best MX Player Hidden Features and Tips & Tricks

MX Player Hidden Features: If you are using the android phone then I am sure you are using MX Player as a video player for your device. As VLC Media Player is one of the best video players for PC similarly MX Player is the best and widely used video player for Android devices. Most of the android users are using MX player as a default video player for their devices but still, they are not aware of most of the interesting features of MX Player.

MX Player is one of the best video players for Android and has many interesting features if you are using MX player and don’t know about these features kindly read out this post here I am going to tell you some of the Best features of MX player.

If you have not downloaded MX player yet, by going through this link you can download and Install MX Player.

Top 5 Best MX Player Hidden Features 2018

1) Audio Player:-

Probably til now, you are using MX Player for watching videos on your android device but do you know you can use MX player as an MP3 audio player? Yes, you can Enjoy your MP3 songs on MX Player as an MP3 player.

To Enable MP3 Player on your MX player, follow the below steps.

  • Click on 3 dots at the top right corner on your MX Player.
  • Now click on settings.



  • Now in the settings page click on the Audio option.
  • Now tick the first option says Audio Player.

Now after applying all these settings, you can see the audio folders on your MX Player from there you can play audios as well.

2) Kids Lock:-

Kids Lock is one of the amazing features of MX Player, but most of the people don’t know about this feature. If you want your child to not see some videos, then you can use this feature. To Enable this feature, follow the steps below:

  • Click on 3 dots at the top right corner on your MX Player.
  • Now Click on option says Player.
  • Then click on Controls.

  • Now a pop up will open where you can see an option Lock Mode click on it.
  • Now from the drop-down click on Kids Lock or Kids Lock(+Touch effects).

Click on OK, Now Kids Lock is successfully enabled.

3) Change MX Player Theme:-

If you are bored with your default MX Player theme you can change it on the go, you can set your favorite color background as the background of your MX Player. To do this, follow steps:

  • Click on 3 dots at the top right corner on your MX Player.
  • Click on List.
  • Now click on Themes.

Now from here, you can select any color that you want.

4) Hide Videos:-

If you want to hide some of your videos that no one can see without your permission, then you do not have to install any other app for this. You can do this via MX Player itself. To hide your videos follow the steps:

  • Long press on the video that you want to Hide.
  • Click on Pencil like icon this is the option of renaming the Video title.
  • Now put a dot before the title of the video and click on OK.

Perfect now your video is Hidden from other users. you can do this process with any of the videos that you want to Hide.

How To See Hidden Videos?

To see Hidden Videos on your MX Player you can follow the steps:

  • Click on 3 dots at the top right corner on your MX Player.
  • Click on List.
  • Now scroll down and Tick the option says Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Now in this way you can see all of your hidden files and folders again. For unhiding your video permanently remove the dot(.) that you put earlier before the title of the video.

5) Change Dual Audio Movie Language:-

Nowadays many movies are in the dual language like you download a Hollywood movie and it is in dual audio so you can watch it in the Hindi language too.

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For this, first, go to MX player and click on any Hollywood, South or any other dual language Movie. Now when movie start playing, then you have to click on the music icon, then here you will see languages, You can change the language of the movie by clicking on the box next to any language you want to play a movie.

So these are the Top 5 Best Mx Player Hidden Features of MX Player that you must know. If you know some other features, tell me in the comment Box I will definitely add in the next update of the post. If you are facing any problem let me know in the comment box. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for the latest updates.

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