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How To Make 50$ From ClickBank | Make Money From ClickBank-2018

Who does not want to earn money? Everybody tries to find new ways to earn more money and increase income source. Today we will understand the detail about Clickbank and learn how we can earn Daily $ 50. What is Clickbank? Many of us know about it. But it has been used very little by the people. So it is very important that we first go to the details about How to make money from Clickbank marketplace and understand about its structure. So let’s see.

What is Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace, but it is very different from any other affiliate network. There is no limitation of products as well as Earning. We can affiliate on the product with which we have related potential customers.

As we all use the Amazon & Flipkart Affiliate Program, we sell the product and earn money. Just like here in Clickbank, we can earn money by selling Products.

Once we cross the threshold of $ 50 commission from Clickbank, we can transfer that through PayPal to our bank account.

Clickbank Features

There are two main features of Clickbank that are:-

  1. Vendor
  2. Affiliate

Vendors are those people who sell their product / services using the Clickbank platform. Like if anyone has SEO Services Software and wants to sell it. So he can join Clickbank as a vendor.

Affiliate people are those who sell the product of another by using the Clickbank marketplace and then earn commission from that.

With this, another important feature is the Clickbank category, which tells us what kind of product can we sell as an affiliate? There are total 24 main categories on the Clickbank marketplace and all of them have their sub-categories as well. for example:-

  • Health
  • Home/garden
  • Events
  • Games
  • Softwares
  • Education
  • Cooking
  • Sports

How To Join Clickbank?

To join Clickbank, we have to follow some simple steps, after which our Clickbank account will be setup. First of all we have to go to ClickBank.com website and click on Create account button. Now we will be asked some informations that are:-

  • Personal information
  • Banking Information
  • Account Information

We have to complete all steps carefully and provide correct information everywhere so that we do not have to face the problem while receiving the payment.

How to join ClickBank

After completing all the steps, our account will be created and then we can login to the Clickbank affiliate Dashboard with the help of our username and password.

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How To Use Clickbank?

So far we just learned what Clickbank is? And how can we join it? This is just an overview of it. The main work of earning money from Clickbank starts here.

As an affiliate, we have to click on the Marketplace option and from here we will get all the Affiliate resources which we can use to make money. In the Marketplace we will find Product Categories and a Search box. You can find your Suitable affiliate product by using that. for example:-

If I have to sell any software or services related to SEO. So I will just search the SEO keyword in the search box and I will get all the affiliate resources related to it.

After finding the Resource, we have to click on the Promote Button on the side of the product we want to sell. After that, a second window will open in front of us which will write our User ID and Tracking ID you can see Screenshot below. We have to click on this create button.

Now we will get affiliate link for that product from here. Which we can add to our website or link to social media.

How to make money from Clickbank(Make $50 clickbank)?

If you earn money from any resource on the Internet, not clickbank, then we must have potential traffic or customers. To earn $ 50 from Clickbank, we have some best tips. We can find this target by following them. But for that we have to do a bit hardwork.

#1. YouTube:

The most popular marketing techniques and platforms in today’s time, where more people than Daily Billions are involved. If we have a YouTube Channel and have active subcribers on it, then we can convert them to our customer and sell our affiliate product.

#2. Blog:

If you are a blogger then it is a good opportunity for you that you can earn Daily $ 50 Earning by using Clickbank Affiliate. You can use any affiliate product Banner or Link on our blog and if someone clicks on those links to buy a product then you will get a direct commission as simple as that 🙂

#3. Social Media:

In social media, we all get to see many affiliate links that are shared by some user. If we open those links and buy that product then that user will be commissioned. In the same way, we also have to use Social Media Platform for Clickbank affiliate product promotion but we must first prepare a better Follower base.

#4. Email Outreach:

Email marketing is the second best way to reach potential customers, and through Email Outreach, we can share information of our Affiliate product together with millions of people and convert them into our customer.

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So this is a quick guide of how you can make money from Clickbank also i have told you some of the strategy to make $50 from clickbank. Make sure to follow as I have given here and reach to your potential customer onces you made a customer base the process will be very easy to get paid from clickbank. Hopefully you will like my this post if yes then don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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