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How To Make 100$ Per Day From Media.Net Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers

Today we are going to learn about Yahoo! Bing Ad Network, what is Media.net, how it works and how to make 100$ Per day from media.net. Media.net is an ad network similar to Google Adsense which is a contextual ad network brought to you by Yahoo! and Bing together. When it comes to earning money from your blog, you have many options. One of the simplest and most popular is to place PPC advertisements on your blog, and you will get paid depending on the quality of traffic and niche of your blog.

Media.net is the second largest contextual advertising platform after Google Adsense all over the world. This is Yahoo and Bing’s ad network, which is very popular among bloggers and webmaster. Through this, bloggers can easily earn more money. It takes a lot of time to get approval from Google Adsense, and due to a small mistake, Google also closes our account. In such a situation, you can earn money online using media.net, which is Google Adsense’s alternative ad network.

As I said that Media.net is a contextual ad network, it means that it gives an advertisement on the bases of content written on your blog. Let suppose if you have written content related to the smartphone, media.net will show ads to your viewers related to the smartphone on the same page. Using media.net, you will find high-quality advertisements on your blog, which will help you earn more money.

Media.net is an invitation based network where you can not connect directly to this ad network, you will need someone’s reference invitation to join. media.net does not support all languages, it only supports the English language. So in case if you have a blog other than the English language you can’t apply for Media.net.

Features of Media.net Ad Network

1# contextual advertisements

As I have already said that any advertisement found on the page of your blog will be on the basis of your content.

2# High Revenue

Your ads quality will be quite good in media.net and many of the ad network’s optimization techniques will help you earn as much money as possible.

3# Mobile Ads

This feature is a very special feature of this network, media.net uses mobile technology to detect the mobile browser and show mobile ads in the device which increases the likelihood of getting more clicks.

4# Account Manager

You will find very few ad networks that give you access to account manager. media.net provides you the facility. When your account is verified on Media.net, you can fully assist with this ad network team to place ads on your site. They will help you set-up ads in every step.

5# One Account for Unlimited Websites

Once your account is approved in Media.net, you can apply ads to all your blogs at unlimited sites i.e. from that one account. However, for all the websites to show ads, you need to get approval individually from media.net. And you can create lots of different size ads and show them together on your blog.

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How to create an account in Media.net?

Creating an account on media.net is very simple, you just need to click on this Link new window will open up. Now Enter your Website URL, Email, and phone number and click on sign-up. Refer Screenshot below.

That’s it, Now you have to wait for 2 or 3 days to be notified whether your website is approved or nor they will directly notify you on your email you provided at signup process.

Now let’s suppose your website is approved. Now, what to do. I will Explain each and everything in this Post step by step. Once your account is approved you will get an email like this:

Now you have to click on SIGN IN TO YOUR PUBLISHERS ACCOUNT and a Password will be generated for you now you are logged in. You will see your dashboard link this.

Now you have to create Ad Units for your blog. Click on Create Ad Unit and you will be redirected to a new page.

Here you can see different sizes of ads you can choose which one is suited to your blog. Here also you can change the color of your Ad depending on the Base color of your blog for getting more clicks. It will take around 15 days to show relevant ads on your blog.

You can also check the Reports of your blog. Means how much Impressions you got and how much you earned for a particular day. Remember like Adsense it doesn’t show you the real-time statics of your blog. It takes 24 hours to generate Reports of previous day so don’ t panic wait for some time impressions and revenue will be updated.

How to Add Another website To Media.Net Account

you can add as many websites you want, but remember you can’t paste the ad code of your approved website to a new website you have to get approved for your new website as well. The Media.net team will check your new website and then inform you as you get informed for your first website for the approval.

Click on Site management and then click on Add a website, Give URL of your another website where you want to show media.net ads and wait for the approval.



So this was a full guide of How to make 100$ per day from Media.net. For getting approval from media.net you should have enough US traffic because the most of the advertisers are from U.S cities. I will recommend you to go with Media.net only when your Adsense is not approved or you are not able to get approval from Adsense. In that case, it would be a good alternative for you to generate Good income as like Google Adsense.

So I hope this will help you, If you got any value from here do let me know in the comment box. If you have any question or suggestion comment I will assist you as soon as possible.

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