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How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error is one of the most common errors facing by every window owner. Before getting into the solution of this error you must know what this error is and why it occurs. First of all, you should be aware of what Genuine Windows actually is; Genuine Windows is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner.

which means the original product of Microsoft is only available at Microsoft Stores.Most of the People are used to buying Windows from Third Party sources which are not Licensed Windows those Windows software are considered not-Genuine or pirated. Only customers with genuine Windows have access to all optional and mandatory updates and downloads available from Microsoft.

Now Let’s talk about the problem that is faced by many people on a daily basis is common error named as “this copy of windows is not genuineIt is not necessary that the error displayed on your screen is the indication of your window is not Genuine, in most of the cases this error occurs even when the user is having Genuine Windows on their device. In the Case when you are having Genuine Window and still getting this error message, might be that when a command that is being executed it requires an elevated command prompt and is unrelated to the issue discussed here.

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Attention:  This guide is for educational purposes only: we do not promote the use of pirated windows or the software being bought from third parties. The best and most secure method is to buy windows from the official seller. It will cost a little money but save you the inconvenience. (Link to the official site: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/store/b/home)

Now Let’s fix this Error: This Copy of Windows is not Genuine. Please note that this method works on both 34-bit and 64-bit versions of window 7.

Symptoms of This Error

  • A Fully Black screen will appear.
  • An error message on the bottom right corner will be displayed: This copy of windows is not genuine.”
  • And If you try to use vbs/dlv to view the licensing status, you receive the following message: Error: 0x80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges.


Why You Should Not Ignore This Error?

  • Some of the features are restricted unless you remove this error on your computer.
  • You can’t change the wallpaper of your computer; you are left with the black background.
  • This error gradually reduces the performance of your computer; making your computer slow.
  • It is said that your laptop’s battery can be drained quickly because of this error.

Steps To Fix “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Step 1Uninstall update KB971033

This update is known as the windows 7 activation checker update (KB971033) As mentioned earlier this error message may occur because a command prompt requires a higher level of the update then as to what it already has: means your windows has an updated file which can detect your Windows OS and you need to uninstall that update. If only update KB971033 is shown, then only you need to uninstall it. Otherwise, skip this step and move to the next step.

  • Go to the start menu: open control panel from there.
  • Go to “Security System” (skip this step if you use Windows XP)
  • Go to “Windows Update Section
  • Click on “View installed updates” (at the bottom left corner). If that link isn’t there, click on “view update history” and hit the “installed updates” link at the top.

  • Now You will find a section named “Microsoft Windows”, scroll down and find out an update named KB971033.
  • Right click it>click “uninstall”>click “okay”.

  • Now Restart your PC, and check again that this update is uninstalled or not.
  • **Attention: You can also bring this update back by restoring your System. No need to worry.

Step 2: Use SLMGR -REARM command

This is the important step to remove the “This copy of windows is not genuine error. You need to run a command know as SLMGR- REARM command. Kindly read out the step by step procedure of how to run these commands.

  • Go to start menu
  • Search “cmd” in the search tab, right-click on it.
  • Select “Run as Administrator” (this will run the command prompt with administrator privileges)
  • A page with a black background, will popup: Type SLMGR -REARM and then press enter.  (SLMGR is a tool which manages Windows software license. REARM is a command which resets license status of the machine.)

  • You will see a window which will show the following text “Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect”. Press “okay”.
  • Now Restart your computer, and check to see if the error has been removed or not.
  • **If for some reason the “This copy of windows is not genuine” error hasn’t gone away: Kindly repeat the same procedure but this time with “SLMGR /REARM” command. 
 >> SLMGR – REARM” works for 32-bit version perfectly, it also works for the 64-bit version, but in case the command doesn’t work then use “SLMGR /REARM”.

Now even after following these steps properly some of you still might have encountered a few errors. Here No need to panic, as we bring forward to you: what might be the possible errors and how to solve them.

Error 1: This Error Also called (Error 0xc004d307) This maximum allowed the number of rearms has been exceeded. Now let us find a solution for this problem. You get this error because you have used the command for more than three times. Follow the steps below

  • Press “Windows + R” you will see the Run dialog. Or open Run from start.
  • Now type: exe
  • Now click on the arrow mark which is left of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.

  • Now click the arrow mark which located on the left of “SOFTWARE”.
  • Now keep on clicking the arrow mark which is located on the left, in this order; Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version.
  • Now click on the word “SoftwareProtectionPlatform”, not on arrow mark.
  • Now, look for SkipRearm; it will be located on the right-hand side. Once found, click on modify, then change its value data from 0 to 1.
  • Now just restart your computer.
  • Now try the SLMGR –REARM command again. You won’t face the errors again.

Error 2: SLGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command.

  • First: First of all make sure you have entered the command properly. The command being SLMGR –REARM (Many you may have overlooked the fact that, there is a space in between the ““ and the “R” of SLMGR.): this may be the reason for the error.
  • Second: Another reason that this error has occurred may be because you haven’t opened the command prompt in administrator mode, make sure that is taken care of. (If not then repeat Step 2, properly this time by making sure you open the command prompt in administrator mode.)
  • Third: vbs file might have some other extension. To get rid of this you need to remove the extension by renaming the file. You can do that by the following steps:
  1. Open “My Computer”> “C Drive”> Windows folder> Search for “System32” file.
  2. After that scroll down until you find “slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT” (or any other extension of this file).
  3. When you find it just rename the file to slmgr.vbs.
  • After doing this, repeat the above procedure again and this, in turn, will remove the “This copy of windows is not genuine.” But for those who don’t have genuine windows your work doesn’t end here, you have to complete another short step. 

Step 3: Disable Auto Updates

Now You have to disable the auto-update feature of Windows which has been installed in your system, to make sure that windows not genuine error will not pop-up again in future.

To disable auto-updates follow the steps given:

  • Open Control Panel > System & Security > Turn Automatic Updates On or Off.
  • Select “Never Check for Updates”

**ATTENTION– Don’t update your windows manually, as the OS will find out that your windows is not genuine and the error will appear again.

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So in this way, you can Fix the error “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine“. I hope this article will help you to Fix the error if you are still getting any problem let me know in comment section below.


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