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How To Earn Money From Vigo video app or Hypstar 2019

Today we are going to talk about a Trending Money making Mobile App. Whose name is Hypstar funny short video marker, if you do not know what is Hypstar? And how you earn money from Hypstar, you are the perfect place.

What is Hypstar

Hypstar is a Short Video Making Android & iOS Mobile App. According to Hypstar Website Policy, it has been created by Vigo Mobile Application and bytemode PTE ltd. By using this app, we can share 10 Second, 15 Second Short Video from Mobile on Hypstar platform.

Some of the Special Features of this app are listed below:

  • By using this app, we can create short videos and share it with the hypstar community, earning some reward too. With it like YouTube, we can also create many of our Followers and Subscribers.
  • In Hypstar we get inbuilt video editing feature. By using that we can make even better videos by editing our recorded video. With this, we can share our video on all social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram except Hypstar.
  • As we can merge two separate video clips together with Professional Computer Video Editing Softwares. That’s exactly what we get Advance toolkit in Hypstar and we can merge two different video videos here.

This does not give us money in the form of USD in the Adsense account like YouTube, but here’s the money in the form of Flames. Whenever any of our videos perform well then we get Flames on that video and after that, we can convert those Flames into Cash and transfer them to Bank. With this, there is also a quiz from time to time on Hypstar where we get a chance to get Reward.

How To Download And Earn Money From Hypstar

This is very easy to download, If you are an android user just go to play store and download it from there and if you are IOS user go to App store and download and install Hypstar.

After downloading and installing Hypstar, we have to log in with the help of Twitter, Facebook or Google. There is no option of Sign Up here. So if you have to create an account in Hypster, then it is important to have at least one account on Twitter, Facebook or Google.

After creating an account, we get an option like Following, Message and Me. From here on the Me Option, we get information about our Account Detail. If we click on the Flames option given in the Me option, then we get information about Earning. To convert Flames to Cash, Paypal Account must be connected.

We also get the option of Invite & Earn in Hypstar. We can also earn Flames by sharing link with our Friends. But for this, it is necessary to read the Terms & Conditions first. With this we get the option of Community Build in Hypstar. That is, we can follow someone else around the globe and vice versa. As the Follower increases on YouTube, same here in Hypstar we can grow our followers by good content and also this will increase the chance of more earning.

How To Earn Money From Hypstar

So far the review of all about this app has been good and it has got a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store. So far, many people have joined the Hypstar India App and have made millions of Follower too.

From here we can earn money in 2 ways:-

  • By Creating videos
  • Playing Quiz

Through both of these methods, we can earn money, but it is not trustworthy because I have seen its official website since I only got information about its terms. The Terms said, if we create the account, then it accesses all our personal data such as Contacts, App, OS, if any information is in the phone then accesses them all.


Hypstar India is a better app for creating Short Videos and earning money. The best thing about this app is that here we can not create long videos. That is, we will not take much time to create videos and also have Video Editor on it. If we create a video then we will not need any other editor to edit.

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