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How to earn money from PUBG Mobile/ PUBG

Today in this post I will tell you how you can earn money from PUBG, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is the only mobile and PC game that has achieved the so much popularity in the world with a $ 0 marketing budget. Today, just like everyone has WhatsApp installed in the phone, everybody has PUBG Mobile Game Installed in the phone. Its popularity can be estimated that in many places in India, there has been a restaurant on PUBG Theme.

How To Earn Money From PUBG?

PUBG is a game that comes for the mobile and computer both the platform. it is a paid game, But if you play it on your Mobile Phone you can download it for FREE. If there is a PUBG player that installs on mobile or computer, then he will not get any other option from where he can earn money. Because PUBG is not an earning mobile game. if you want to earn money by playing PUBG game then what can be the way for that?

Even though Officially we can not find any option on PUBG to make money, but there are many ways on the internet that we can make a good income and convert our Gaming passion into a profession.

Here I am going to tell about two such popular ways that one player can earn by using.

Organizing PUBG Tournament

Given the popularity of this game, developers and Internet influencer have created the tournament of mobile and computer players. Where thousands of users join by giving some money and play the game. It’s just made like a common tournament.

To participate in this, users have to pay some money as Entry Fee and then register a game in Tournament by registering it. The game remains the same as we normally play on our computer or mobile. Here we get the payment, according to “Per Kill” and some are given the Mega Prize on the win. As in this image,

If you want to join our PUBG Tournament group Feel Free to Join: Join PUBG-Tournament.

Earn Money from PUBG YouTube

YouTube is a platform that is changing the passion of many people into their profession. Today we have many such examples that were nothing but today due to YouTube, have become financially better and socially popular.

By the way, many categories of videos will be found on YouTube, but YouTube Community attributes the video to only some categories and one of them is GAMING.

you can understand the importance of Gaming from this, YouTube has created a separate platform for it. Where there is only Gaming Channel So if you play PUBG Game, then this is a golden opportunity for you. The game that you play on your mobile or computer, you can make money by uploading it to YouTube and playing live on youtube.

Pros & Cons of making money from PUBG

Sometimes we come into a huff and do something that is very harmful to us. So before starting any work, we have to think about its process and the result for 5 minutes. No doubt! It is 100% sure that you can earn money by using both of these methods from PUBG Mobile or Computer. But not from everywhere, because there is a lot of Fraud along with some good tournaments, where you will pay the entry fee, but instead you will not reward by them. So if you are going to participate in a tournament, then look at its terms and condition, check the user review and check the payment details so that you know whether the tournament is worth the trust or not.

Friends, if you have a passion for games, you can use any of these techniques to earn money from PUBG. You must get Earning but if you want to earn money for long-term in Gaming I will suggest you create a Youtube Gaming channel. If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic how to make money on PUBG game? Feel free to comment below.

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