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How To Download Torrent via IDM

Torrent files are generally downloaded by the users using the torrent application on their PC(Download Torrent Via IDM). In many time we are using IDM to download on Android files, videos and Apk files like Geometry dash Apk 2.1. But do you know that there is a process to download the torrent file via Internet Download Manager also? Here on this topic, we are going to discuss the procedure how to get torrent via IDM. Presently most of the users generally used the Internet Download Manager to download files and all. Just here you need to make some of the little changes to get torrent files via IDM. The user needs to integrate the Internet Download Manager app using the various processes to the Torrent application.

Generally, there are many processes available in the internets which are genuine but some of them are fake also. But here we are going to list out the proper procedure to download torrent files via IDM. In short, we can say that at first, you need to download Internet Download Manager app on your PC. Then install the app following the proper installation process on your PC. Now go to the torrent site and follow the below procedure to load the file via the IDM app. The main purpose to download a file via IDM is to get the highest speed of downloading for any types of files.

Proper Guide – How to Download Torrent via IDM?

IDM is the best application to provide you the superfast downloading speed for any task. Thus we are going to show you the technique to get torrent files via IDM. We have already informed you that at first, you need to download and install the Internet Download Manager app on your PC from the official site of IDM. After successfully installing the IDM app on your PC now it is the time to know how to load torrent via IDM.

Process No. 1:

The initial process to download the torrent file through IDM is by using Torrent Handler. So torrent handler is one of the most popular and useful fastest clients in the world to download files. The main advantage of it is that there is no need to install any other supportive software to download the torrent file to IDM via Torrent Handler. To load torrent file via IDM you need to perform the following steps:-

  • At first, you need to go through the URL www.torrenthandler.com.
  • Now after opening the preferred site, you need to upload the torrent file there.
  • Then you need to provide one valid email ID over there.
  • Next, to it, they will execute the over process of the file and send you one link on the email ID which you have provided there.
  • Click on that Link from your Inbox and thus download it via your installed IDM application on your PC.

Process NO. 2:

The next process to download the torrent via IDM is by using Magnet Links. Magnet Links are generally available in various torrent sites like Extra Torrent, 1337X, kick ass torrents etc. In the same way, you need to install the Internet Download Manager app on your PC first. Now after that you need to go through the below steps to complete the whole process now.

  •  Open the torrent sites like extra torrents, 1337x like that on your browser at first.
  •  Go to the page after selecting the preferred file to get from the torrent site. On the download page, you will find out the Magnet link to download the file.
  •  Click on the ‘Magnet download’ button and thus the link will appear or pop up on your screen which you need to copy first.
  •  Now run the IDM app and then go to Option and Click on the Magnet Link.
  •  Now paste the previous Magnet Link on the Magnet-box and then click on OK.
  •  The download will hence start using the IDM on your PC from torrent.

That’s all about the process How to download torrent via IDM- Internet Download Manager. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have provided here about the process to download any torrent file via IDM. Those who have no idea about it, they can follow the above procedures to download any file from torrent using the IDM app. If you want to download the file from the torrent then try our above-discussed procedures and get your files download on your PC now.

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