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Google launches Datally Data Saving App, Now Save and Manage Mobile Data

Google has announced the launch of its new app named Datally Data Saving app to help their user control, manage and save mobile data on the go. The Datally app can track the real-time data usage and gives personalized recommendations on saving data along with notifications of public Wi-Fi spots available nearby.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice President of the Next Billion Users initiative at Google, shared In a blog post, that the company had been testing Datally App in the Philippines for the past few months allowing people to save up to 30 percent on their mobile data.

Datally Mobile & WiFi Data Saving App

This is an Artificial Intelligence-based Google Mobile data Saving App. Which can save real-time internet data and it can save up to 30% of mobile data. It works like a Mobile Data Manager. Which checks and controls all Internet Activity and Mobile App Data usage running on the Smartphone and manages the data services being used in the background. With this Datally App offers another feature that allows you to check all Wifi network strength and distance in the range of 500 to 700 Meters.

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Feature Of Datally Data Saving App

Google has added a feature to save mobile data and to use the Internet in a secure manner to this app, some of its features are something like this: –

  • Data Server Bubble: Can check any app’s real-time data usage and close it if it is not used.
  • VPN: This App will set up a Virtual Private Network in Mobile, which will block all the unwanted traffic coming to Mobile.
  • Internet Data Saver: It saves internet data up to 30% data by checking every app, without slowing down the Internet.

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 How does Datally work?

If you need to save mobile data, you can download it right now from the Google Play App Store and use it for data saving. When you open it after downloading the App, you will see such interface where 3 options will be displayed.

  • Setup Data Saver
  • Manage Data
  • Find Wifi

With the help of Setup Data Saver, you can enable VPN Service in Mobile and save all Unuseful Internet data that occur on Mobile.

With the help of Manage Data, you can find and manage information about the internet data used by all apps installed on the phone.

With the help of Find Wifi, you can find all nearby Wifi Networks and get information about Network strength with all Wifi’s Distance, Location with Direction.


It is very important to save mobile data in today’s time and according to me, you can not find any other app better than Datally app. This app is released as part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative which is focused on making Google products more useful and relevant in countries with limited mobile data usage and where a majority of users have lower-end hardware smartphones. So far as the number of people that have downloaded and used it, the response to everyone has been very good compared to other apps. You Should also Datally Data Saving App once.




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