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How Do I Change wifi Password

Change WiFi Password¬†: In today’s post, we will learn how to change the password of your wifi. If you have put a router in any of your shops, hotels or cafe, you will also have a wi-fi and you share your password to the customer coming to you at your convenience which comes in a smart work, but when your password It gets old enough that means many customers now knows your wifi password, then you should keep changing your router’s password from time to time at your convenience. So let’s start and know how to change router password (How we can easily Change wifi Password ).

We do not know about which company’s router you have installed, but the method I am telling today is similar in almost all router, so if I have a TP-Link’s router, then I can tell its settings and You can also change your password by opening the same settings.

What are the reasons for changing the Wi-Fi Router Password?

  1. As I told you earlier that you should keep changing the password from time to time, the biggest benefit will be that you will be able to provide better convenience to your new incoming customer, Because obviously, the more people use your wi-fi, the less the speed of your internet will be.
  2. If you have taken any expensive plans, then changing the password of wifi can also save your data to a large extent.
  3. If you use unlimited plan then you can block all unnecessary wifi by changing wifi password.
  4. The speed of internet in any online cyber cafe is the most important, then it is most important to change the password of your wifi.
  5. If your router is housed at home means that it is personal, you can change the password of unnecessary wifi by changing the password of wifi.

How To Change WiFi Password

To change the password of any router, you must have the IP address of that router. You can see your router IP address on the sticker behind your router or you can see the IP address of your router by clicking here.

You have now received your IP address. Now you can search your IP address in any browser of your computer. I am writing IP address of TP-Link here. for example –

After this, you have to log in to the router. To log in, you have to enter your username as well as the password for that username.

After logging in, click on interface setup as shown in the picture and click on wireless and open its settings.

If you have closed wi -fi, then first you can do it by doing manually or here is the option of activating, you can also activate by clicking on it.

Once Wifi is activated, you can now change its settings. Now let’s go to the options pre-shared by scrolling down in WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK settings. Here the password of your Wifi is being displayed, save it by putting your password here.

Ok Done! You have successfully translated your password Now your new password has got you old all wi-fi will be disconnected.

How to reconnect to Wi-Fi again

Now your mobile and all devices will have a valid problem written in your wifi. First of all, you have to forget it and again connect to the Wifi again with the new password.

So friends, in this way you can easily change the password of any of your router and if you want you can also change the name of your wifi from here. Almost all router has this setting, you just need to know the IP address of your router.




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