Top 10 Best Thoptv Alternative Apps for Free Live TV 2021

Best Thoptv Alternative Apps: Do you want to enjoy live tv on your phone? After ThopTV many people are finding it difficult to watch their favorite live shows and movies free of cost. But don’t worry we brought to you some similar apps like ThopTV (ThopTV Alternative) using them you will be able to enjoy live TV shows and movies absolutely free. People who love to watch series and movies are searching for the Best ThopTV Alternatives (Apps Like ThopTV) nowadays and here I will suggest you some app that you can use as a Best ThopTV Alternatives Apps For Free TV Streaming in 2021.

Maharashtra Police arrested the man and team who was behind the ThopTV Application. The reason was that they were spreading the pirated OTT Contest over the world and cybercrime arrested the man behind ThopTV. Satish Venkateshwarlu was the person and owner of the ThopTV. Satish Venkateshwarlu was arrested from his residence in Hyderabad. Check out Best ThopTV Alternatives for Apps For Free TV Streaming in 2021 from our post below.

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ThopTV Alternatives a Brief Introduction

LiveTV streaming is now becoming more and more popular on the Internet. There are lots of LiveTV streaming applications flooding the web. We have covered many of these apps, including TeaTV, and other apps like ThopTV. These LIVE Streaming apps have gained tremendous popularity recently. There has been a public demand that many of these apps be covered in this post. Our team researched such apps that don’t contain any dangerous files. Here we brought to you the 15 best and most feature-rich of the best ThopTV alternatives for Android and PC. This article will help you choose the best ThopTV alternative and answer all your questions about it.

Top 15 Best ThopTV Alternative apps for Android

#1 Pikashow TV

Pikashow is one of the best alternatives to ThopTV. It’s a very attractive and useful design of this innovative technology. Pikashow has lots of new and amazing features and that is the reason why users are attracted and addicted to this app.

pikashow tv

Pikashow is also available with subtitles in many languages. Pikashow APK is a free open source and it is an online market. In the Pikashow app, you can view all live TV channels over the world.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Pikashow TV

  • PiP Mode
  • HD quality movies
  • Cast Screen option
  • Free open source
  • Subtitles Option

#2 IP TV

IP TV is one of the best and leading App where you can watch free live TV channels from any other source on the web. This app doesn’t contain any built-in channels, you should have your playlist with TV channels to use this app. You can find out IP TV for android as well as for Windows and Linux too.


Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – IP TV

  • Supports M3U and XSPF playlists
  • Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy
  • Auto-play last channel option
  • Internal and external video players
  • Available for Android, Windows, and Linux

#3 Jio TV Mod APK

We all know that in India, Jio TV is one of the most famous Live TV apps to watch all channels live. The most important thing about Jiotv mod APK is that it is free and provides live cricket and other sports, movies, etc. JioTV is one of the most downloaded Live TV apps on Android and offers more than 700 channels, including more than 60 HD channels in 10 genres and 15 languages.

JioTV mod apk

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Jio TV

  • You can also watch episodes of any show 7 days old on Jio TV.
  • More than 600 live channels can be seen on Jio TV.
  • Jio users can use Jio TV for free.
  • You can watch any channel live.
  • You can set the quality of the video.
  • You can set reminders for any favorite show.
  • In one click, you can move any show forward or backward by 30 seconds.
  • You get many more features on Jio tv.

#4 UkTVNow

We present one more ThopTv Alternative app UkTvNow. UkTvNow is one of the best apps to stream live channels worldwide using your smart device or android phone. You will find out all live channels over the globe and VIP Channels with UHD quality using UkTvNow Apk. You can use this on many devices like FireTV Stick or Android Device and More. This is a free Live Channels Streaming App and there is no need to create or sign up for an account.


Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – UkTVNow

  • No Sign-Up / Create Account Option
  • Stream Live Channels Worldwide
  • Access to the TV programming
  • Live Shows / Movies Available

#5 ShowBox TV

Before ThopTV and Oreo TV ShowBox was very popular, it is the old live-streaming app. But nowadays this is one the best ThopTV alternatives and name is Showbox TV. ShowBox provides you latest movies & TV shows on the go. You can filter the live shows and movies and this is one of the best features of this app. You will find out real-time ratings of any shows and movies in this App.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – ShowBox

  • High-Quality Video Settings Available
  • Auto Update of New Movies and Shows
  • Save Favorites Movie Offline
  • Big Database of Old Movies
  • Real-Time Ratings

#6 TeaTv

TeaTV is a very good Live Streaming app, through which you can easily download any high-quality movies, and you can also watch that movie for free, through this app you can easily download any latest Show, Series. You can easily watch the movie online. It’s exactly like Netflix. This is a very small size app, and it supports both 3G and 4G devices. But you will not get it to download on Play Store, if you want to download it, then you can download it by joining our Telegram Group.


Also no need to pay any cost to install and to use TeaTV on your device. It is completely free to use and the best ThopTV alternative you can find. If you are a true movies or TV shows enthusiast, then all you really need is TeaTV.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Tea TV

  • Watch, stream and download free
  • Provides all Live Streaming Channels and Shows
  • Download Any Show and Watch Later Option
  • Watch Detailed Reviews and Trailers for Shows and Movies
  • Watch any Shows or Movies in 1080p

#7 Modbro TV

Mobdro App allows users to stream videos on Android devices for free. Mobdro constantly searches youtube for the best videos and then provides all the links in one place to the users. Mobdro can be used to easily find streams across the world on different categories in different languages.


In other words, it constantly searches the web for the latest video streams, movies, tv sports, and then instantly uploads it to the application, from live news streams in the Mobdro App to your favorite sporting channels, and multi-language. This application is very important for content. Mobdro is available exclusively for Android devices. Mobdro can be used for any Android device running Android 4.2 and above.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Modbro TV

  • videos in different languages and topics
  • Bookmark Video Option
  • Subtitles Category for many videos
  • streams worldwide on different topics in various languages

#8 GHD Sports TV

The GHD Sports app is one of the biggest boons for sports-obsessed fans who love to watch live sports free with less buff and little data. It is a unique streaming application that lets users watch their favorite sports videos, movies, and shows.

It is a lightweight Live TV application, which provides a remarkable list of sporting events and stations. It not only offers you a wide range of Live Games but also News, Films, Entertainment Videos including Sports Leagues, and many more at your fingertips.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – GHD Sports TV

  • Watch Live Sports, Videos, and Scores
  • Easy Navigation
  • Upcoming Events Today, Upcoming Tomorrow’s Events, Highlights Options
  • Alternative Links for Live Streaming
  • Limited Advertisements

#9 Live NetTV

Live Net TV is a popular live-streaming app that is used all over the world. Live Net TV app allows you to watch more than 800 Live TV channels from around the world. A fun and easy-to-use app for watching TV over the Internet. You can watch TV from anywhere by downloading the Live NetTV app on your phone or tablet. The only condition is that you must have an internet connection. This app provides us with multiple streaming channels that are directly delivered to our Android devices. As a result, we can watch our favorite series or football match no matter where we are. We get access to various categories with all kinds of content once you download the Live Net Tv app, which includes news, sports, music, and much more.


Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Live NET TV

  • No Subscription Required
  • No Monthly Charge or One Time Charge
  • Daily New Channels and Working Streaming Links
  • Available for Many Devices
  • Supports External Video Players

#10 RedBox TV

It is a free live streaming app where you can watch your favorite TV channels anytime. There are a lot of online video streaming applications for different platforms. This is a newly launched TV app that offers much more than just the yard channel to watch with many high school grad running fasteners.


The biggest reason why the Redbox TV app is popular is that it provides free services, and they don’t even charge the user for using the app. The main goal of the app is to provide a free streaming facility to as many users as possible.

It was made using a shorter method. It will never take more than 30 MB of storage on your device. Given the huge number of channels, this was a development challenge. The Redbox TV application does not ask users to pay a premium but sponsors companies whose ads appear on the screen.

Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – RedBox TV

  • Available for iOS, Android, Fire Stick.
  • A long list of channels that can entertain all groups of ages, from kids to adults
  • High-Quality Videos available in SD and HD types
  • Premium users can get access to more live streaming channels and Shows.
  • Streams videos without any lags


I hope you enjoyed these excellent Thoptv alternatives Apps. Comment down below if you got the perfect ThopTV alternatives solution. If you think we missed any other similar app like ThopTV that might be on this list, please comment below. We will take care of it. And also will be updating this article with the latest Live TV Streaming Apps and software.

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