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10 Best Paid Survey Sites 2018 || Earn $ 100- $ 200 Monthly

There are many people who want to earn money online and I too started our online earning time too much from paid survey too long ago. Because at that time I did not have much information and had a passion to earn money from the internet. Actually earning by doing part-time work like this is very easy. Today I’m going to tell you about some of the 10 best survey sites that give you the money for the work you have done, that means here I will tell about 10 real best paid survey sites 2018, no site will be fake.

If you are a student or a homemaker and want to earn 6000-7000 rupees per month by completing Part Time online surveys along with studies or other work, then paid surveys can be a great fit for you. It is considered the best way to make money online.

Anyone from online survey sites can earn income, even if it is 10 years old or 50 years old. There is no bill of age for this work nor any special qualification is needed, you just need to have a little knowledge of English language.

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Making money from the Internet is easy, but if you do not know which website is real and which one is fake then you will feel difficulty because there are millions of websites in the digital world that get work from you and do not pay you. I would like to tell you that thousands of people are stabbed every day due to less information, and they only see that there is a good income on this paid survey site.

You must have heard the saying that “greed is the root of all evil” People are more likely to get involved in earning more earning and when their payment is reached on the minimum payout, either their account is terminated, or Payment is not sent to them, and no response is given on contact.


What is Paid Survey, and how to make money from that?

This is an online form filling work where survey form is given by survey companies, in which a lot of survey questions are given and 4-5 responses are given below, the answer to which you think is correct you have to click on that. You do not need any kind of technical or any other skills to do this work, you should come to understand a little English so that you can answer the questions asked in the online survey form.

When you complete the survey and submit it, you get some money in return for this work. That’s why it is called paid survey. Now the question arises in your mind that how much money do we get to fill a survey? it depends on the length of the survey and the also the company which is providing that survey.

How much money can you earn from Paid Survey?

If you do daily work on some of the highest paid survey sites, you can earn at least $ 100 to 200+ dollars within a month, but to earn this much you will have to do regular work on 4-5 survey sites. Making money from online paid survey sites is the easiest way of making money online but it is also the truth that you can’t relay only this work because it pays less amount of money but yeah you can do this as part-time for you extra income.

So now I am going to tell you about some of the best top 10 Paid Survey Websites by working there you can earn 100$-200$ per month.

Top 10 paid survey websites

The biggest problem for most people is that they do not know the exact site on which they can do this work. More than 70% people start working on fake websites, due to which they do not get the payment and they start looking at all survey sites with a wrong perspective, while there are some real websites too.

But it is also a harsh reality that nearly 80% of survey sites are fake, who never pay their users, and who are real, they send payments to everyone at times from time to time.

Some of the best online survey sites I have searched for you are:

  1. vivatic.com
  2. pineconeresearch.com
  3. paidviewpoint.com
  4. opinionoutpost.com
  5. swagbucks.com
  6. globaltestmarket.com
  7. mysurvey.com
  8. ipanelonline.com
  9. surveyjunkie.com
  10. ipoll.com

I hope you like these top 10 paid survey websites, if you have enjoyed this information, please give us your feedback by commenting and also share this survey information with your Facebook friends so that they also got information about this.

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